Adama Horse Safari's

Adama horse safaris are based at The Safari Lodge Nazareth, one hour drive into the Great Rift Valley south-east of Addis. An altitude of 1500 meters below Addis insures that the weather is sunny and warm all year round.  Our horse safaris are unique experience for those who would like to combine the pleasure of long distance riding, with a love for the wild and the thrill of an African safari. An adventure which allows you to experience African wildlife, scenery and culture at close quarters. With a great variety of terrain, the rift valley has the best riding country anyone from a novice to an expert could hope for. Our trails meander through various ecosystems ranging from plains, woodlands, hidden valleys with vast skies and panoramic views.


  Horseback riding in the African countryside is an ever-changing and stimulating experience: Nothing is predictable and the sense of anticipation of what you might see heightens all your senses.  For beginners, we provide a route within the compound of the Safari Lodge. However for experience & intermediate riders: 2 hour horseback riding on the outside of Adama town, half day trips to Wonji and Sodore as well as full day trips to Koka will be out soon. Picnic snacks, luncheons and refreshments will be provided in a variety of packages and a back-up vehicle will be on hand at all times. Horses and tack are of the best quality and by combining care for the guest with unrivalled personal attention to details; we will prove you with an unforgettable experience. For reservation or further information please call: (0911 20-14-31)(0911-21-79-36) or (0911-21-01-80)



P.O. Box 841 Adama Ethiopia
Tel: 022 1 12 20 11/13 Fax 022 1 11 51 02