The enchanting Safari Lodge

If you are on a ride bound for Adama (Nazareth), you should not miss the Safari Lodge, a gracious and impressive hotel in the town.  Built with love, the Safari Lodge has set itself apart as a luxury oasis, well known as a convenient place to relax, have a delicious meal and captivating stay, whether for business or pleasure.  It’s sat amidst a forest of lush mango and avocado trees, with green manicured gardens and an overflowing king size swimming pool.


The Safari Lodge offers spacious suites, (each with their own living room) and a range of family standalone cottages. It is undoubtedly one of the main attractions to visit in Adama and provides the perfect location to host private and special occasions for groups or family fun.

It’s only 45 minutes away from the capital Addis Ababa (goro exit), and just a short distance away from the main road .  As you enter the main town of Adama, 100 meters away from the bridge you can spot the sign on the right hand side. Follow the pista road to the entrance of the hotel. It enjoys close proximity to a number of different tourist destinations such as the Sordore Hot Springs & the Awash National Park to name a few. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, this resort hotel offers a peaceful environment for families and groups whether for business and leisure travelers.

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P.O. Box 841 Adama Ethiopia
Tel: 022 1 12 20 11/13 Fax 022 1 11 51 02